Star-Sky Simulator IZN

Star-Sky Simulator
The dynamic Star-Sky Simulator IZN is designed to simulate fragments of the starry sky in real time. Specially developed software "Star-Sky Simulator" allows you to form a star picture and a script to simulate various operations.

The Star-Sky Simulator is indispensable for ground testing of star orientation sensors. Using the simulator allows you to check different modes of operation of the sensors, to eliminate any problems in their work.

The program "Star-Sky simulator" provides simulation of the radiation of celestial sphere areas by reproducing the energy and geometric characteristics of single stars and constellations.

The program simulates the image of the sky section on a microdisplay, taking into account the angular sizes of stars and their relative position as determined by star catalogs, as well as the brightness of stars.

When using the Astroorienter Simulators, a high degree of confidence in the simulation of external factors affecting the space instrument is required. Therefore, the program "Star-Sky Simulator" provides an opportunity to simulate such interference factors of the environment, such as protons of outer space and uneven illumination of the field of view.

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