Xenon Short-Arc Light Source

Xenon Light Source
Xenon short-arc lamp is a continuous spectrum source as close to sunlight as possible. Suitable for fluorescent spectroscopy as well as other spectroscopic, testing and scientific applications.

Short-arc lamps require ignition. During ignition required voltage can be as high as several kV. So a specialized power supply and ignition unit are required.

The delivery set includes an illuminator and a power supply. The illuminator consists of a lamp holder, a reflector, a built-in ignition unit, a mounting and a fan. The power supply connects to the illuminator by a cable.

The illumimator can be equipped with lamps by Osram, Philips, Cermax, Hamamatsu, Ushio, ДКсШ. The power of a lamp is up to 400W. Also xenon-mercury lamps can be installed.

The power supply unit ensure stable light flux. The current of a lamp can be adjusted. Stabilization can be made by power or by current. Every power supply unit is tuned for the delivered lamp to ensure it will work under the recommended operating conditions. The power supply unit can be controlled manually or by bluetooth/uart.

Lamp mounting allows for fine alignment. Externally, there are shifts to move the illuminator in the height range of about 100 mm. It can be mounted on an optical rail as well as on a conventional desktop.

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