Power Supplies for various lamps

Power supply of xenon lamp
Our company designs and manufactures power supplies for various types of lamp used in spectral equipment. Every power supply ensures stable current and satisfies lamp's operating conditions. It has over-current protection and electronic filters.

We produce power supplies for the following types of lamps:
  • Deuterium lamp DDS-30
  • Lamps L2D2, LD2-D, DRGS-12, DVS-25.
  • Xenon lamp with power from 75 to 150 W.
  • Xenon lamp with power from 300 to 500 W.
  • Xenon lamp for power 1000W and above
  • Mercury-vapor lamp
  • Hydrogen lamp
  • Globar
  • Hollow-cathode lamp

If you have some specific lamp be sure we can make power supply for you.
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