Spectrometer based on Raspberry Pi Pico and Hamamatsu mini-spectrometer
Picospectrometer based on Raspberry Pi Pico and Hamamatsu mini-spectrometer
We would like to introduce you a Picospectrometer. Picospectrometer is based on Raspberry Pi Pico and Hamamatsu mini-spectrometer. Hamamatsu is a leader in manufacturing equipment for scientific spectral research. Its mini-spectrometer is a professional grade spectrometer. Whilst Raspbery Pi is known to be amateur and student friendly minicomputer.

We combine user friendly Raspberry Pi Pico with professional grade spectrometer to open the world of spectroscopy for everyone.

Picospectrometer can be equipped with Hamamatsu mini-spectrometer C10988MA for visible range or C11708MA for NIR.

Picospectrometer uses 18-bit ADC LTC2364 to digitize signal from the mini-spectrometer. The Raspberry Pi Pico communicates with the ADC via PIO interface.

Connection mini-spectrometer to Raspberry Pi Pico
Python Gui application to communicate with Picospectrometer
The software for Picospectrometer is shipped as source code under MIT license. We present source code for Raspberry Pi Pico and python Gui application.


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