Crystal Homogeneity Test Bench

The monochromatic illuminator OMK-14
Spectrophotometric Test Bench to control the homogeneity of crystals was developed to measure the spatial distribution of transmittance of transparent samples up to 22x22x220 mm in size perpendicularly and along the large axis of the sample. The Test Bench includes an illuminator, modulator, MDR 204 monochromator, cuvette compartment, photodetector and optical rail.
Spectrophotometric system to control the uniformity of crystals
The illuminator consists of two sources of radiation - halogen and deuterium lamps, the light from which, having reflected from the spherical mirror condenser 1, is directed to the entrance slit of the monochromator MDR - 204. An image of the luminous body of each radiation source with an increase of V=1.8 x is projected to the entrance slit. The sources are switched automatically by means of a flat mirror 2. A modulator 3 is installed in front of the entrance slit of the monochromator.

The cuvette compartment is an optical system forming a sounding beam of light and a table for fixing a sample. The optical system consists of a dual lens 4 that projects the monochromator output slit into the center of the sample with an increase of V=1 x. Lens 5 projects the input pupil of the monochromator to the receiving area of the photodetector with an increase of V=0.1 x.

The sample holder can be moved on the guides automatically from the program or with a limb handle. The sample holder is fixed in two mutually perpendicular directions: along and across the optical axis.
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