Photocathode Spectral Sensivity Test Bench

The digital optical-electronic converter IBIS-14
For the research laboratory we have developed and produced a technological control system (TC) for measuring spectral sensitivity of photocathodes of photoelectronic devices (PED) in the range of 190 - 900 nm on the basis of a fast scanning monochromator MDR - 206.

The TC system includes two set-top boxes. One set-top box is designed to measure the spectral sensitivity of S(λ) photocathodes by comparing the spectral sensitivity of the investigated photocathode of the receiver with the known spectral sensitivity of the reference receiver. The second set-top box is designed to measure the uniformity of sensitivity of PED photocathodes.

TC system is designed in the form of stand, which is convenient for measuring and controlling the stability of power supply to the main units of the unit.

The measurement process is fully automated.

Control of monochromator, movement of PED or light-guide and recording of spectral sensitivity readings of PED photocathodes are carried out automatically with the help of computer according to the set program.
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