Remote Microscope For Operation in Radiation Protection Chambers

The digital optical-electronic converter IBIS-14
By order of one of the Research Institute of Nuclear Power, a Remote Microscope For Operation In Radiation Protection Chambers ( MDRZK) was developed. This Microscope belongs to a new generation of devices that combine a modern light microscope with a digital system for visualization, processing and documentation of images of micro objects.

MDRZK is a motorized modification of the metallographic microscope of the METAM-RV series with the upper location of the object table and is designed to study the microstructure of metals, alloys, ceramics and other materials. The software allows receiving, saving, measuring and processing digital images of micro objects.

During operation, the microscope is located in a radiation chamber, and the image of the object is observed on the PC monitor screen in a "clean" room.

MDRZK can be used at the enterprises of nuclear industry, nuclear power engineering and others.
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