Gonio Spectrophotometric System

Gonio spectrophotometric system
Gonio Spectrophotometric System GSF-UV was designed to equip optical production. The unit is designed to control the quality of highly reflective, light separation and brightening coatings in polarized radiation and is used at the stage of technological development of coatings and in the manufacture of finished products.

The unit consists of: an illuminator with two sources of radiation (deuterium and halogen lamps), monochromator MDR-6 and a specially designed gonio photometer.

With the help of the unit it is possible to measure spectral coefficients of directional transmission and mirror reflection of optical elements in the ultraviolet and visible regions of the spectrum at different angles of incidence of radiation by both absolute and relative (relative to the standard) methods.

System control and data processing is performed from an external computer.

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