The Digital Оpto-Electronic Сonverter IBIS-14

The digital optical-electronic converter IBIS-14
The IBIS-014 Digital Opto-Electronic Converter is designed to receive, process and save monochrome images of photographic films on PC screen.

The image of the object under consideration (a fragment of photographic film) is transferred with the help of the lens to the sensor located in the focal plane of the lens.

The digitized image is transmitted to the PC and observed on the monitor screen in real time.

The scale of the image is set according to the scale of the lens and select the required distance to the object of observation. Focusing of the lens is performed manually or by the command from the PC.

Using the program you can set the exposure value, aperture size, select and enlarge a fragment of the image.

The program also enables image processing.

The software is developed for operation in the Windows XP operating system and is supplied on CD together with the OEP kit.
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